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We believe that artists, fans, and brands should have the freedom to control how they create, connect with, and distribute to their fans.

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Campaign creation in days, not weeks

Modular tools for modern marketing
teams. We've brought the entire stack
into one easy CMS.

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Insights across every module

Deliver data back to your clients in
lightning speed.

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Create a lasting community

Own your culture with a unified toolkit that elevates experiences for your biggest fans.

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Other questions,
ideas, or concerns?

Reach out to us at

  • What is MITH?

    MITH is the new community stack. Building on frontier technologies, MITH gives culture movers a unified platform allowing unprecedented freedom to control how they create, connect with, and distribute to their fans.

  • How does MITH use blockchain to create immutable records of fan engagement?

    MITH uses blockchain technology to create immutable records of fan engagement, allowing creators to track and reward audience loyalty across both on and off-platform activities. Engagement is tracked at the individual creator space level and the OS level for all users, encompassing actions like social media interactions, content uploads, real-life attendance, and purchases. Creators can enhance engagement through a Loyalty and Rewards feature, which includes leaderboard tracking and customized rewards. All metrics are confidential, ensuring privacy while promoting active participation.

  • How can I sign up to join MITH?

    While MITH is currently invite-only for creators, you can fill out this form to learn more. If you're looking to join MITH as a fan, check back for more creators or follow us on social to be first to know.

  • I'm interested in working at MITH, where can I learn more?

    Stay up to date on our latest openings by following us on LinkedIn.

  • What does being a member on MITH mean?

    As a member, each MITH space you join allows you access to an exclusive community with its own content, events, and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

    Your MITH membership profile functions as a way to showcase what you’re passionate about. Through memberships, collections, and highlighting your experiences, purchases, and rewards–MITH is all about helping you get closer to the things you love.

  • I’d like to create a MITH of my own! When will MITH be open to the public?

    MITH is in beta, but you’re welcome to fill out this form so we can share the latest updates, and we’ll be in touch as MITH access expands in the future.

  • I want to see my favorite artist or brand on MITH! What do I need to do?

    We’d love to hear more! Tell us who you want to see on the platform through filling out this nomination form, and if their MITH launches, you’ll receive a special thank you message and be among the first to grab an invite to their community.

    Already filled out a nomination form? Encourage your connections to join in, and help bring your favorite creator’s MITH to life. Your opinion matters! MITH has a vast network of artists, organizations, and brands that we can reach out to spread the word that their fans want to connect with them here.

  • I’d like to partner with MITH. What should I do?

    You’re welcome to contact us to learn more about working with MITH at

    Other questions, ideas, or concerns? Reach out to us at